Our Own American Express Neighborhood Champion

At Devonshire Perfect Events, the excitement reverberates as we proudly announce Karen Clark-Reddon, our dynamic Event Strategist and Owner, as a recipient of the American Express Neighborhood Champion award for the fourth consecutive time. This prestigious accolade, reserved for businesses excelling in supporting and promoting small enterprises, not only signifies a personal triumph but stands as a testament to the sophistication and professionalism inherent in our event planning services.

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Empowering Local Businesses through Shop Small®

Since the inception of Small Business Saturday® in 2010 by American Express, the Shop Small® movement has evolved into a cornerstone for fostering community support for local businesses. Devonshire Perfect Events actively participates in this initiative, encouraging engagement not only on Small Business Saturday® but throughout the year. The simplicity of shopping small is a potent act that contributes to the sustenance and growth of enterprises in our community. Our dedication to supporting this movement seamlessly aligns with our commitment to community building.

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Amplifying Presence through American Express Recognition

The title of American Express Neighborhood Champion is not just a personal achievement for Karen Clark-Reddon; it is a collective triumph for Devonshire Perfect Events. This recognition serves as a conduit, extending the influence of our event planning services beyond what could have been achieved independently. As a premier event planner in Maryland, our acknowledgment by American Express enhances our credibility, positioning us as the go-to solution for local businesses seeking a touch of luxury and professionalism in their events.

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Navigating the #ShopSmallBusiness Competition

Participating in the #ShopSmallBusiness competition, the gateway to American Express Neighborhood Champion recognition, offers an accessible opportunity for any small business. Leveraging social media and the power of the hashtag #ShopSmallBusiness, businesses can elevate their visibility and gain recognition from larger entities. This competition underscores the contemporary significance of social media in business dynamics, providing an avenue for Maryland businesses to showcase their uniqueness and actively engage with a broader audience.

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Devonshire Perfect Events - Your Maryland Event Maestro

Distinguishing ourselves as a refined and upscale event planning service in Maryland, we boast a seasoned team that collaborates closely with businesses of all sizes. Our expertise extends across a spectrum of events, from corporate conferences and meetings to social gatherings like networking events, awards galas, and grand openings. Recognizing the nuanced requirements of each event category, we position ourselves as the preeminent choice for businesses seeking a top-tier corporate event planner in Maryland. Perhaps we can plan your own American Express Neighborhood Champion celebration!

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Karen Clark-Reddon

The Acknowledgment and the Road Ahead

Karen Clark-Reddon’s acknowledgment as an American Express Neighborhood Champion underscores Devonshire Perfect Events' steadfast commitment to delivering excellence in event planning. Eagerly anticipating the future, we look forward to extending our influence and furthering our support for the Shop Small® movement. As we celebrate local businesses, we invite you to embrace the Shop Small® movement and allow Devonshire Perfect Events to redefine your event experience.

As we anticipate a future filled with remarkable events and accolades, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Looking ahead to 2024, we aspire to continue our commitment to excellence and community support by becoming an American Express Neighborhood Champion once again.

Join us on this journey, and together, let's create extraordinary moments that resonate with the essence of your business and community. Your event's success is not just our goal; it's our commitment, and we are ready to make every moment count. Support local businesses, embrace the Shop Small® movement, and let Devonshire Perfect Events redefine your event experience.

To search for small business gems around your neighborhood, use the “Find Small Businesses” button on the American Express website today!